• District Office Location

    372 Pine Street East
    Varnville , SC 29944
    District Office 803-943-4576
    803-903-1016      Food Service and Attendance
    803-903-1012      Office of Exceptional Children
    803-903-1007      Office of Special Projects and Federal Coordinator
    803-903-1052      Jasper Hampton Adult Education
    803-903-1024      Technology Department


Dr. Ronald Wilcox 803-943-4576
Superintendent Email Dr. Ronald Wilcox
Toreacher Dobson
Deputy Superintedent Email Toreacher Dobson
Lydia Fields
Email Lydia Fields
Ernie Glynn
Email Ernie Glynn
Amelia Smith
Benefits Email Amelia Smith
Marilyn Young
Office of Exceptional Children - Director Email Marilyn Young
Eanion Boyd
Office of Exceptional Children Email Eanion Boyd
Felicia Carter
Office of Exceptional Children Email Felicia Carter
Melvin DuBard
Social Worker Email Melvin DuBard
Jack Hutto
Office of Federal and Special Projects Email Jack Hutto
Dr. Carole H McGrath  Extn: 1024
Office of Technology & Special Projects Email Dr. Carole McGrath
Mozelle Murdaugh
Food Services Email Mozelle Murdaugh
Patricia Owens
Email Patricia Owens
Sonji Graham
Adult Education Email Sonji Graham