TIF Sustainability Plan

TIF Sustainability Plan

During the 17-18 school year, Hampton One will be participating in the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Sustainability Initiative sponsored by the South Carolina State Department of Education and the SC TIF Transition Team. Through planning prior planning and ongoing support, the initiative will provide:


TIF Sustainability Vision

1) Curriculum Design

2) Principal / Teacher Support

3) Best Practices

4) Measurement of Progress

Each of these will be guided by appropriate data, intentionality, and viewed through the lens of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.


TIF Sustainability Goals

1) Administrator Support / Training (ILT - Instructional Leadership Team)

2) PD - Including interventions resouces for curriclum desing, and using data to inform next steps. (PLC - Professional Learning Communities)

3) Support / Coaching through Instructional Mentors (Instructional Coaching)


TIF Sustainability Non Negotionables

1) Curriculum Alignment

2) Ongoing PD based on specific eneds with support

3) Ongoing training / support - interventions

4) PD for All (Admin, teachers, support staff)

5) Protect instruction time

6) RTI Support

7) Measure progress - common benchmarks

8) Data-based decision making